“You are reading this because you or someone you are close to suffers from the symptoms of allergies. What if help was available very few can imagine possible? I offer no promises or guarantees to the outcome but I hope you find the willingness to suspend your disbelief long enough to determine if what has worked so well for others might work for you.”

​​Using a simple form of muscle testing on your other arm, Nell will identify all your “negative” stressors. They might include foods, environmental elements (natural and chemical), animals, mold, dust and non-tangibles such as barometric pressure, radiation and emotions. Once a "negative" stressor is identified Nell will transmit the selected signals to you via the cuff.

Nell will then apply mild vibration to acupuncture points along your spine with a small percussor to re-associate that particular stressor so it becomes a “positive” stressor. After you leave the session you will be asked to avoid whatever stimuli was treated for the next two hours. Before the completion of your first session Nell will identify without needles or lab work all your allergens and sensitivities then determine how many sessions will be required to reallocate "negative" stressors to "positive" stressors.



Your first day will consist of one 90-minute session. You will be seated and fully clothed as Nell explains what you can expect. 

She will then place what looks like a blood pressure cuff on one of your arms. The other end of the cuff will be attached to a computer containing software with digital signals to every imaginable stressor (What we know as "allergy.") that can trigger an inappropriate immune reaction (or allergy "symptom").


"When you exhaust all possibilities, remember this: You haven't."
​Thomas Edison

After your first day you will have one or two 60-minute sessions per day until all sessions are complete. Nell typically works on one allergen family per session. This will continue until all stressors are converted to “positive” stressors so you no longer have those debilitating or annoying allergy symptoms. Once again, after you leave the session you will be asked to avoid whatever stimuli was treated for two hours. In other words, if treated for eggs, you need to avoid eggs the next two hours. After those two hours, or after the completion of your sessions, (and most find this unfathomable until experiencing for themselves) you may

be able to start eating eggs without an allergic reaction. Each client is unique and typically requires six to eight sessions.​​