​​After the first treatment, she slept through the night and the rash was gone within 48 hours. My 16-month-old daughter had a rash head to toe. She was irritable and hadn’t slept for several nights. My Dr. had not been able to help.  Nell helped with my allergies several years prior, so when I ran into her, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of her right away. Nell 

made time for us the next day and found that my daughter was allergic to my breast milk.The rash was gone within 48 hours and the bonus is, I was able to continue breast feeding.” -- L. B. Kauai

I worked with a local golf pro who came in because of chronic sinus and breathing problems that he attributed to a "grass allergy".  What we discovered was the grass was just the tipping point.  Because his immune system had been compromised for so long, he developed allergies and sensitivities to multiple things. These included not only the grass but the chemicals used on the golf course. He was also being effected by the weather, mold, dust and the many foods he ate regularly.  As we cleared his "negative stressors" his symptoms improved and his need for antihistamines lessened.  His inflammation improved and he had more energy because of the drowsiness caused by antihistamines.  I am proud to say AAR helped make his game much easier and allowed his environment to support him instead of hampering him.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
​Theodore Roosevelt



I've had allergies all my life and I am allergy free for the past four years! When I came to see Nell I was skeptical but desperate. Drugs provided very brief relief. I carried an EpiPen and was dependent on drugs day and night. I was always aware of what I ate and who I came in contact with. Our poor indoor family pets had to be made outdoor pets due to my eyes swelling shut almost daily. I have no idea why what Nell does works but thanks to her I can now eat anything I like without getting sick! I can be around my dogs, grass, pollens, I can smell flowers, I can swim and not rush to shower! Allergy medicines, EpiPens*, rashes, allergic reactions are a thing of the past! I have been able to travel to foreign countries and not worry about ending up sick or in the hospital! It's absolutely wonderful!! Nell truly is one of the most compassionate women I have ever met. I loved going to see her, plus it was completely painless." -- K. A. Tempe, AZ​​  

Nell recommends clients who carry an EpiPen continue unless otherwise advised by their physician.

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18 August 2018: “When visiting Kauai around New Year’s, I stopped at a pharmacy to pick up some allergy meds. A customer noticed what I was picking up and said, “Before you buy these, see Nell.” Something about the passion in her voice made me decide to take her advice.I arranged to see Nell and my allergies were gone within a week. Totally gone.

No idea how her system works but going from taking 8 Sudafed and Zyrtec every single day for 5 years to virtually nothing is astonishing. Few if any will believe this testimonial but if it gives just one person suffering from allergies the willingness to at least try what is so unconventional, I'm glad to help. Nell must be seen to be believed." – J. R. Oakland

AAR works quickly, safely and effectively for newborns to the elderly.
Nell's protocol is risk-free, non-invasive and does not rely on drugs, supplements, needles or discomfort.



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